About Us

Farida Adventures was formed by Kay Taylor in 2002.

Initially Kay ran a trip for her students who acted as her ‘guinea pigs’.  Cairo is fairly chaotic at the best of times so there were many challenges to face through the week.  Kay was already a regular visitor to Cairo, going there twice a year to buy and import costumes and dance wear for her business ‘Farida Dance’. Kay also lived in Cairo for 4 months one summer studying Arabic and dance – this helped her build up a large network of friends and contacts.

One of Kays best friends in Cairo, Nibal Abdel Aziz, helped Kay out informally then trained as an official tour guide and now has her own tour company, Egyptguest.com.  She still works with Kay and her groups – but is also happy to make arrangements for individual travellers to Egypt.  Nibal takes Kays groups on ‘conventional’ sightseeing tours (Pyramids, Egyptian museum etc) – but also arranges more bespoke tours for Kays groups.
Yasmina of Cairo, also a great friend, worked as a professional dancer in Cairo for many years and has helped a lot in the background booking teachers, making reservations, teaching groups and hosting parties.  She is now based between Cairo and the UK.  Her dancers bed and breakfast in Cairo is great for independent travellers and Yasmina still works with Kay and her groups – as well as co-hosting the ‘Essence of Egypt’ trips with Kay.

Each Farida Adventure is unique.  Some trips are requested by teachers or groups, others include a range of activities chosen by Kay.  Kay is happy to tailor trips to your requirements and can be costed on between 5 – 10 participants.  For her Cairo based trips Kay takes a maximum of 11 people.  The Egypt tours have up to 16 places.  Kay prefers small groups to ensure everyone has a quality experience.

Kay has a host of friends who bring variety to her tours.  You can ‘Sing along’ with Emad el Rashidy, have a dance class with amazing teachers like Sara Farouk (who is also invaluable behind the scenes), Mohamed Kazafy, Farah Nasri, Hopa Farid and many more.  Dance classes can be arranged with the stars: Randa, Dina, Soraia, Oxana, Sahar, Aziza – it just depends who is in town – and how much you want to spend!
Kay is friends with and works with Eman Zaki and Hanan Mahmoud – who are both amazing designers – you can get custom made costumes …. or buy off the peg in Cairos biggest market, the Khal el Khalili.

More recently, Kay has become involved with hosting ‘Camp Negum’.  This has been run by Safaa Farid and Nibal for the last few years and Kay is delighted to join the team.  Camp Negum is a small family run festival with live music at its heart.